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Plant Pure™ Vegan Super Protein Blend is comprised of a natural Pea Protein Isolate lending a high level of nourishment along with clinical functionality for a broad range of applications.

The blend of Flax and Hemp lend to the high degree of bio availability inherent to this formula. This great tasting protein powder is rounded out with a stable probiotic to aid in digestive support. Pea Protein on its own has demonstrated many benefits relating to metabolic hormones, glucose support, cardiovascular health and muscle

A 2015 study demonstrated that pea protein initiated ghrelin and insulin responses comparable to whey protein when studied for its effect on metabolism. Its ability to support glucose uptake was also demonstrated when pea protein was introduced during a study looking at food intake and appetite. While it had no significant impact on appetite or intake, the pea protein group exhibited lower blood glucose levels
than the control (Food Nutr Res. 2015 Apr 13;59:25622.).

Flax Seed harnesses the power to support antioxidant activity as well as healthy lipid balance, specifically LDL and triglycerides (Atherosclerosis. 2005 Apr;179(2):269-75). Lignan, the primary polyphenol found in flax, has a direct impact on platelet activating factor, which results in healthy levels of free radical production. (Circulation. 1999 Mar 16;99(10): 1355-62).

Hemp is considered by many to be a ‘perfect’ protein source. It is similar to flax seed in that it contains fiber, minerals and free-radical fighting properties. In addition to having the potential to support cardiovascular health and glucose utilization, it also supports immune function. Hemp contains the globular protein edestin, which helps drive antibody production, vital for an optimized immune system.

The combination of these proteins, with their inherent capability to support numerous key systems in the body, along with a stable probiotic, which also can support various systems, makes this formula a stand out foundational product for the majority of any clinician’s patient base.

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